Young Ambassador ( YA ) is a leadership program for young people to experience the joys of giving back to society while learning about important social issues and developing task-based skills through involvement in activities that help and inspire underprivileged children in our community.

1. Direct our YAs’ efforts towards the community and make a positive difference in the lives of others.
2. Develop our YAs’ potential by enriching their awareness of social and community issues.
3. Encourage and cultivate our YAs‘ skills through service to those less fortunate.

The year long program consists of 3 activity categories:
Social Services – social entrepreneur and community service
Fundraising – awareness raising and fundraising
Leadership Training – peer mentoring and community project engagement

By referral only
Aged 7 – 18


Kaitlin Ip

During this summer, I was given the opportunity to teach English to children ages 7 to 12 at Changing Young Lives Foundation. At first I was very anxious as I never had any teaching experience but I always thought that teaching the kids would be fun. I didn’t want the lessons to be boring like school where children had to sit by the desk and listen to the teachers for the entire lesson. So the other Young Ambassadors and I decided to have interactive games and sang songs at each lesson. The kids had so much energy in and out of the classroom so they got pretty excited too. After teaching them for a week, I feel that I even bonded with the kids. I felt so much satisfaction teaching and spending time with them and look forward to doing this again.

Kirsten Ting

This summer, a couple of friends and I spent three days at the CYLF centerwith two groups of primary school students. The first, a group of eight students from primary 1-3, and the second comprised of ten students from primary 4-6. We spent an hour a day with each group teaching them English and getting to know them. Since someof these children needed extra help and personal attention, we had to acquire a new skillset and learn to teach in a different way. Initially, we had them sit in a circle and just name items in English, however, they did not find that very fun and quicklylost their attention span. We quickly realised that we needed to make learning more fun, so we decided to incorporate games into their learning. We searched online and found a bunch of ESL (English as a Second Language) games. The kids responded to the games very well, and the classroom was filled with lively laughter.Every time I teach underprivileged kids, I feel like they help me see things from a different perspective, and I feel different. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunities that I have had. These children look up to us because we’re older and can speak English fluently, but if I’m being honest, it’s me who looks up to them. Despite the hardships they face in life, they manage to face everything with a huge smile on their faces. I would definitely go back next year.

Rachel Wong

After my first teaching experience at the CYLF, I realized how difficult it is to be a successful teacher. As a teacher, I felt determined to develop a relationship with the students, so I made an effort to connect with each child. To help the lesson, I had to do some additional research on how to make the class entertaining and enjoyable for the second graders. We played games like number Bingo, Pictionary and some categorizing games. Our goal was to allow the kids to look forward going to lessons and have fun learning. Some of them were not as advanced as some others, therefore the most challenging part was to make them understand. After fifteen minutes of very detailed explanation, I found a huge immense of satisfactionand accomplishment when they were able to use the knowledge I taught them. Although some lessons didn’t go exactly as planned, I feel that our overall preparation is strong.