Social Service

Social Service

The social service is a signature component of the Challenge. Participants are encouraged to participate in the community. By applying the service learning model, they are trained to plan and conduct social service projects responding to the community needs with their knowledge and skills. Besides self-understanding and recognition of their own strength, it facilitates a positive peer network and enhances interpersonal communication skills.

The teams are required to accomplish 8 hours of social service, and present their projects and reflections in the social service sharing session.

Service Learning Model

The service learning model integrates community service with professional skills/ academic study and reflections. It facilitates students’ learning through promoting personal development in specific skills, community engagement as well as self-reflection.

Project proposes to apply the service learning model to empower participants to not only develop their basketball skills, but also serve community needs. Through the application of learnt skills to social needs and real life practices, youngsters will be able to connect their learning to real life, and to connect themselves with the community.