Talent Development Scholarship

Talent Development Scholarship aims to encourage and support the development of non-academic talents of underprivileged secondary students. Talents to be supported include music, performing arts, arts, designs and sports. Scholarship recipients are encouraged to make use of their talents to serve the community.

Whom we serve
Underprivileged secondary students
What we do
Support youth to develop talents and contribute to the community

Scholarship Recipients

Chan Hoi Tat Arts & Design – Photography
Chan Lok Ting Arts & Design – Graphic Design
Chan Yuk Ling Music & Performing Art – Modern Dance
Lai Ka Ki Christina Music & Performing Art – Dancing
Lau Hin Pang Sports – Long Jump
Lau Yun Hong Sports – Rowing
Leung Wing Fung Sports – Badminton
Poon O Yu Sports – Rowing
Sin Sin Sports – Swimming
Siu Yu Sports – Athletics
Sy Sai Hung Sports – Athletics
Tang Siu Ling Music & Performing Art – Piano
Tom Chi Yuen Sports – Rope Skipping
Wong Yat Tsun Sports – Artistic Swimming
Yeung Tsz Hei Jason Music & Performing Art – Vocal