Talent Development Scholarship

Talent Development Scholarship aims to encourage and support the development of non-academic talents of underprivileged secondary students. Talents to be supported include music, performing arts, arts, designs and sports. Scholarship recipients are encouraged to make use of their talents to serve the community.

CYLF Talent Development Scholarship 2023 Application Guideline

Student Application Form for CYLF Talent Development Scholarship 2023

School Nomination Form for CYLF Talent Development Scholarship 2023

Whom we serve
Underprivileged secondary students
What we do
Support youth to develop talents and contribute to the community

Past Recipients Sharing

Chan Hoi Tat

Arts/Design – Photography


Lai Ka Ki, Christina

Music/Performing Arts – Dancing


Sy Sai Hung

Sports/Games – Athletics


Scholarship Recipients

Chow Ka YeeSports/Games – Taekwondo
Gurung DikshyaMusic/Performing Arts – Dance
Kam Sin YuMusic/Performing Arts – Guzheng
Lai Wing YungMusic/Performing Arts – Dance
Li Ching LaamSports/Games – Ice Hockey
Ling Wing HeiSports/Games – Rope Skipping
Luk Him Yau TryphenaMusic/Performing Arts – Violin
Ou Ka LokMusic/Performing Arts – Piano
Spedding Herbert K.Arts/Design – Painting
Tsang Man ChiSports/Games – Hurdling
Wong Yat KiMusic/Performing Arts – Latin Dance
Yang Xi YuanMusic/Performing Arts – Guzheng
Yau Ping CheungSports/Games – Cycling
Yu JennyMusic/Performing Arts – Dance
Zhang Ka YanArts/Design – Chinese Painting


Au Yeung Chak HimMusic/Performing Arts – Piano
Cheung Ho LongMusic/Performing Arts – Latin Dance
Cheung Sin YuSports/Games – Swimming
Chiu Tsz HoMusic/Performing Arts – Vocals (Classical)
Chu Sin KwanSports/Games – Football
Fong Chak ShingSports/Games – Javelin Throw
Hafeez KhanSports/Games – Cricket
Lai Wan HinSports/Games – Badminton
Lam Bo Yee, BowieSports/Games – Swimming
Law Ching LingArts/Design – Design
Li Tsz ChingMusic/Performing Arts – Guzheng
Ng Cheuk HeiMusic/Performing Arts – Ocarina
Ng Yu SingSports/Games – Taekwondo
Poon Wing FungSports/Games – Swimming
Tsui Cheuk ToMusic/Performing Arts – Zhongruan
Yang Ning WunArts/Design – Painting


Au Yeung Chak HimMusic/Performing Arts – Piano
Chen Sze Shuen, AlieseMusic/Performing Arts – Chinese Dance
Chim Hiu ManMusic/Performing Arts – Flute & Handbell
Chu Cheung WangMusic/Performing Arts – Piano
Gu Chi ChungSports/Games – Rope Skipping
Lam Sze LokSports/Games – Volleyball
Leong Ka YiArts/Design – Visual Arts
Leung Chin WaiMusic/Performing Arts – Piano & Cello
Leung Lok ManSports/Games – Swimming
Leung Tak YeungSports/Games – Cross Country Long Run
Li Cheuk LamSports/Games – Rope Skipping
Tang Suet YiuSports/Games – Judo
Wong Chun NamSports/Games – Swimming
Wong Sze Ki, JessicaArts/Design – Visual Arts
Wong Yuet FungSports/Games – Volleyball


Chan Hoi TatArts/Design – Photography
Chan Lok TingArts/Design – Graphic Design
Chan Yuk LingMusic/Performing Arts – Modern Dance
Lai Ka Ki ChristinaMusic/Performing Arts – Dancing
Lau Hin PangSports/Games – Long Jump
Lau Yun HongSports/Games – Rowing
Leung Wing FungSports/Games – Badminton
Poon O YuSports/Games – Rowing
Sin SinSports/Games – Swimming
Siu YuSports/Games – Athletics
Sy Sai HungSports/Games – Athletics
Tang Siu LingMusic/Performing Arts – Piano
Tom Chi Yuen Sports/Games – Rope Skipping
Wong Yat TsunSports/Games – Artistic Swimming
Yeung Tsz Hei JasonMusic/Performing Arts – Vocal