Story Wonders

Story Wonders is a school-based storytelling program to cultivate the literacy development, oral presentation skills, self-confidence and moral values of primary students. It brings literacy, creativity, oration, character education, children’s welfare and fun together to inspire primary children to think laterally and critically, speak confidently and act responsibly.

Whom we serve
P4 - 6 primary school students
What we do
Inspire primary children to speak confidently, think laterally and act responsibly

“Story Wonders 2024 - Resilience Building” Recruitment

“Story Wonders” Learning Kit

Storytelling Contest and Award Presentation

ChampionTsang Lok HimS.K.H. Yan Laap Primary School
First-runner upWong Hei WaiDr. Catherine F. Woo Memorial School
Second-runner upLo Chun HamSKH Yan Laap Memorial Primary School
Best Theme Interpretation AwardTin Cheuk Chi – SKH St. Joseph’s Primary School
Cheung Tsz Yin – Hong Kong Red Cross Princess Alexandra School
Most Charismatic AwardTse Hoi Kiu – SKH Tsing Yi Chu Yan Primary School
Niu Lin Hong – TWGHs Hong Kong and Kowloon Electrical Appliances Merchants Association Limited School



ChampionMohammed Luqman KolaS.K.H. Ling Oi Primary School
First-runner upXu Chun MingY.C.H. Chan Iu Seng Primary School
Second-runner upTai Kwan YuNTWJWA Leung Sing Tak Primary School
Best Theme Interpretation AwardChoi Yu TungSt. Patrick’s School
Most Charismatic AwardGorian Hui Wing LamCNEC Ta Tung School



ChampionWong Pui HeiImmaculate Heart of Mary College
First-runner upLee On TungPentecostal Gin Mao Sheng Primary School
Second-runner upLi Cheuk HinSKH Ho Chak Wan Primary School
Merit AwardMa Cheuk HimYuen Long Long Ping Estate Wai Chow School
Merit AwardChan Hoi DikLions Clubs International Ho Tak Sum Primary School
Best Theme Presentation AwardChan Ching YinSKH Ling Oi Primary School
Most Charismatic AwardLi Cheuk HinSKH Ho Chak Wan Primary School

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