Mainland School Projects

We help improve the wellbeing of children living and studying at remote areas at Qinghai, Guangxi and Gansu Provinces through various aspects:

  • School Rebuilding – Rebuild school campuses and dormitories to provide a child-friendly environment including access to libraries and playgrounds, safe drinking water and personal hygiene, heaters and boilers and more.
  • Campus Maintenance and Enhancement – Provide support to schools after rebuilding to ensure quality education, such as providing teaching and healthcare equipment, subsidizing school fees, funding infrastructure maintenance and more.
  • Teachers Training – Seminars and workshops to improve on teaching skills, health and mental support, and ability to identify students with medical needs.
  • Social Worker Support – Support on-site social work services to left-behind students for their psycho-social well-being.
  • Wishing Well – Provide medical care to students with illness for proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • Special Education – Provide support to children with disabilities including assessment and rehabilitation services, teacher training, provision for student subsidies and the purchase of school facilities.

recent projects

School Reconstruction Project for Lake Primary School in Qinghai

Lake Primary School has been serving students from 6 neighbouring villages since 1991, and ranked D (the worst) in the assessment for dangerous building and needed to be demolished. In addition, it was not earthquake-resistant and lacked campus space for students.

We funded its reconstruction in 2015, the new building is earthquake-resistant, two-storey high, and with 730 sq. meters construction area. The school will be developed as a “complete school” accommodating students from P.1 to P.6 and a pre-school class. Apart from 7 classrooms, it has a multi-media room, a library and 3 offices.


School Social Worker Support for Dashu District in Gansu

Left-behind children have become a social problem in China. Researches have alarmed how parents’ migration to work in cities affects the wellbeing of left-behind children, in terms of physical health, nutrition, education and development.

We have started working with Gansu Xingbang Social Work Serving Centre in Dongxiang to offer on-site social work services to students and to improve the recreational facilities in the schools of Dashu district. This aims to support the psycho-social wellbeing of students by development of extra-curricular activities and counselling service. The social worker would help students set up their own goals and identify their potentials. With enriched school activities, the quality of school life for students can be improved and students’ interests and knowledge beyond curriculum can be developed.


Wishing Well

The program supported the eye operation of Li Ning, a 10-year old boy in Gansu who suffered from high degree of visual impairment to regain his eyesight with the aid of eyeglasses in 2015.

school list

XianZangWen Second School Wendou Center School
Yari Primary School Galeng Township Central Primary School
Tiegaleng Primary School Lake Primary School
Daowei Township Central School Yimamu Central School
Tuoba Primary School Gangchaxiang Center Primary School
Chuji Center School Jianshetang Primary School
Daowei Township Middle School Xichang Primary School
Lianhe Primary School Danma Primary School


Dashu Township Central School Yangjia Primary School
Guanbu Primary School Tuanjie Primary School
Zhengjia Primary School Nanyangwa Primary School
Qiaolu Primary School Talawu Primary School
Huangjia Primary School Gudu Primary School
SaLe Primary School BuLengGou Primary School


Tianyang Special Education School Shangzhen Primary School