Community Grandkids

It is expected that the ageing population in Hong Kong will reach 2.5 million in the next few decades. Cross-generation inclusion and community-initiated supportive networks are crucial for alleviating social costs for elderly welfare and services, and more importantly, building a caring and harmonious society.

By matching a team of 1 secondary & 1 primary students with an under-served elderly in Shamshuipo, one of the most ageing communities and impoverished districts in Hong Kong, Community Grandkids inspires youngsters to develop sense of purpose by serving the older generations and build meaningful bonding with their matching elderly through Regular Phone CallsHome Visits and Festive Gatherings. The program also empowers elderly to build supportive network with people at different ages and backgrounds across the community.

Whom we serve
Secondary, primary students & solitary elderly in Shamshuipo
What we do
Inspire youngsters to care about under-served elderly and promote cross-generation inclusion