Brain Box

Many children are unfortunately at risk of having special educational needs without receiving assessment and therapeutic support until primary school education, and missing the best timing for therapeutic training at early ages between 0 to 6.

Brain Box provides custom sensory-motor and cognitive training workshops for pre-school children with special educational needs. In addition to improving the children’s muscle control and cognitive skills such as speaking and reading, the trainings enhance their self-confidence and motivation to learn.

The program also emphasizes on parents’ commitment for more desirable results, therapist will provide advice on follow up training at home, and monitor the progress closely. Parent group and counselling service are also organized to ease parents’ anxiety and stress, and enhance parent-child relationship.

Whom we serve
Children aged 3 to 9 with special educational needs and their parents
What we do
Early intervention with custom therapeutic trainings to help improve service users’ learning capabilities and encourage parent-child bonding

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