Goodwill Ambassador

Olympic Swimmer Yvette Kong

Going to the Olympics has been Yvette’s dream since little, she is a strong believer that a dream is never too big and we can never be too young to start chasing for our dream. This young and talented girl has set a perfect example for our children to identify their talents and reach for their dream at an early age.

Determination and persistence is also a key lesson she brings to our children. Although Yvette has achieved her dream at a young age of 23 years old, she has gone through ups and downs and at one point she has thought of giving up on her swimming career because her performance has not peaked for 6 years. At last she has overcome depression, and learnt to continue her new journey as an Olympic swimmer. All this would not have happened if she has given up before she has proved herself success is just around the corner.

(Photo credit: SCMP)